1. When Loved Ones Abandon Faith

I am interested in learning about the experiences of believers (of any faith) who have had loved ones leave the faith, leaving the believers behind. I would like to write about these perspectives. Please write as much as or as little as you would like to share. 

If you don't intend to write anything at all, it won't help if you take the survey. Thanks!

By submitting responses and/or stories in this survey you agree to allow me to use your responses in my book (working title: Losing Your Life to Save It) or related materials, either in part or in full. The book explores the difficulties that atheists face when leaving their religion and responses to this survey will be used to represent the perspective of people remaining in the faith when loved ones leave it. All responses are anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself. 

Please pass this survey on to anyone you know that meets the criteria. Thank you for helping me learn!

Question Title

* 1. Has someone important to you left YOUR closely-held religion or faith system for another variant of your religion? Or converted to a different religion? Or become an atheist? (immediate family, close extended family, close friend) NOTE: The person needs to have left the faith that YOU STILL HOLD, or held for many years afterward.

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PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY - partial responses do not help.

(Atheist: someone who does not believe/have faith in any God (or gods), especially one that interacts with humans; no belief in a supernatural being/presence; a nonbeliever.)