Using cameras to stop or prevent crime is becoming more common in cities. Police departments around the country are using cameras to identify crimes in progress or offenders, gangs loitering, narcotic operations and quality of life issues, such as drinking alcohol in public. City of La Quinta and the Police Department would like to get your opinion regarding the installation of monitoring cameras in the city to assist police in their day to day work.  Please answer the following questions to help staff assess the public’s opinion regarding this matter.

* 1. Would you support new public safety initiatives that increase the safety of your community?

* 2. Would you support the installation of a city wide camera system in public spaces to discourage crime and help solve criminal incidents?

* 3. A city wide camera system installed in strategic areas may be able to capture information that could help solve a crime. Do you agree with this statement?

* 4. In case of an earthquake or other disasters, the police department and emergency services may be able to use the city wide camera system to evaluate damages and identify areas that require immediate care. Do you agree with this statement?

* 5. As police respond to criminal incidents, officers may be able to use the information or footage gathered from security cameras to assist in the apprehension and prosecution of the criminals involved. Do you agree with this statement?

* 6. As a resident involved in a car accident, would you value the ability to access video related to car accidents?

* 7. As a resident, would you support the ability to review any/all footage recorded (providing it is not current evidence) upon request? 

* 8. Would you feel safer, if the City of La Quinta installs cameras at major intersections to increase their access to traffic accidents and ongoing investigations?

* 9. Do you think a camera monitoring system will increase Police ability to deter crime by increasing their access to capture crime on video?

* 10. Please provide more information about your opinion regarding city-wide camera system.