In what we think is a silly bunch of malarkey and sloppy sensationalism, Esquire Magazine recently declared that the blow job was dead. That men could take it or leave it, and generally preferred performing cunnilingus. While we are pleased if cunnilingus has assumed it's rightful position as a yummy treat for all, we think the rumors of the death of the blowjob are, at best, greatly exaggerated.

So we've decided to try and get down to the bottom of this. Grab it by the balls, as it were.

This survey is strictly anonymous, and we'll post the results on as soon as there is enough data to be interesting. (As opposed to the "I asked 10 of my friends and 8 of them said so" methodology that went into the Esquire article. Yes, really.) No, this is not careful science, but it will be very interesting, and based on the results will probably inspire a much more thorough survey.

If we didn't give you an answer you want, use the "other" box to explain. We read, and love, those!