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Community Survey

Dear Engaged Community Member:

 Indy Gateway Inc. is embarking on an initiative to determine a priority list of top connectivity (sidewalk/multi-use path) projects throughout the far west and southwest side of our city.

 Indy Gateway Inc. is a community development organization that works toward stabilization and rejuvenation of our communities and we believe an important part of that effort begins with connecting our neighborhoods safely to trails, work, business districts, churches, and schools, along main traffic corridors and routes.

 In 2017 the Department of Public Works, in partnership with Indianapolis City-County Council member Jared Evans, and Indy Gateway, embarked on a scoping report for 5 major connectivity projects:  
  •  Lynhurst Dr. sidewalk - from Kentucky Ave. – Rockville Rd. 
  • High School Rd. sidewalk - Washington St. - Rockville Rd. (To be completed in 2019)
  • Girl School Rd.  sidewalk - Washington St. - Rockville Rd.
  • Morris St. sidewalk- High School Rd. - Bridgeport Rd. 
  • Bridgeport Rd. sidewalk - Washington St. - Morris St. 
 We are excited to announce that construction on the High School Road sidewalk project is set to begin and end in 2019. This new sidewalk will safely connect neighborhoods such as Heatherwood Estates to Krannert Park and Ben Davis Christian Church, as well as other community amenities. Phase 1 of the Lynhurst Dr. sidewalk project is also set to begin in 2019, while the rest of the Lynhurst Dr. sidewalk project as well as Girl School Rd. project were bid out for engineering and design last October and will be shovel ready in 2020. In January 2019 DPW announced that they would begin the process of bidding out the Bridgeport Rd. connectivity project later in the year. 

 With funding secured for all but one of the projects, we are excited to see connectivity built out throughout our communities but now is not the time to rest. A part of the 2019 city budget, a 4 year $400 million dollar infrastructure plan that included $20 million dollars for sidewalk/multi-use path connectivity projects was approved. That’s where you come in!

 Indy Gateway leadership would like direction from the community on the top connectivity (sidewalk/multi-use path) projects along some of our thoroughfares. The information you provide will be used to compile a list  that we can present as we advocate for and request the city and our elected city councilors to identify these areas for new projects, which will compliment our already growing connectivity projects in the works!

Thank you, 

Indy Gateway Infrastructure Committee 

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* 1. Rank 1 - 4, the ways you would most often use or benefit from additional mobility features such as Sidewalks, Multi-Use Paths, Dedicated Bike Lanes, etc.?

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* 2. A number of roads and thoroughfares have been identified as in need of repair/improvement. Among the options below, please help us identify in order of importance 1 - 8, which are of most direct impact to you, your neighborhood, and/or your business.

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* 3. Which of the following type of project do you feel is of greater priority and would have the most positive impact along main traffic corridors and routes?

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* 4. How can Indy Gateway better or more directly serve your neighborhood, your business, and you?

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* 5. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.
If you would be willing to respond to future surveys as they relate to the Westside of Indianapolis and the community, please check “Yes”. If “No” we will remove you from future distribution.

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