PHP 5.3 is now supported by all major Linux distributions,
and has gained a lot of traction by projects like Symfony2, Drupal8 and Zend Framework 2.
We think that exciting new features in PHP 5.3 like namespaces and late static binding
can improve the way we and you code with SilverStripe.
On the other hand, only around a quarter of all web servers run it already,
and we want to provide an inclusive experience, as well as a smooth upgrade path.


* 1. Should we drop support for PHP 5.2 in SilverStripe 3, in order to gain the benefits of being PHP 5.3+ only?

* 2. If yes, when should we drop support?

* 3. Are you currently running PHP 5.2 (or lower) on any servers running SilverStripe?

* 4. If yes, could you easily move those sites to servers running PHP 5.3 as part of a SilverStripe upgrade?

* 5. What do you think is the biggest benefit of being able to rely on PHP 5.3 features?

* 6. What do you think is the biggest disadvantage of dropping PHP 5.2 support?

* 7. Any other comments regarding PHP version compatibility?