Nominations for the Viral Hepatitis Category (Justice and Correctional Healthcare worker) will open on the 17/03/2022 and close on the 12/04/2022. ASHM will notify the winner by 29/04/2022.

The award includes free registration and funding support to attend the 13th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference, 29th - 31st May 2022, and complimentary ASHM membership - see the nomination email for more details.
Criteria for the Award:
A justice and/or correctional healthcare worker working in the field of viral hepatitis:
  1. Early to mid-career (0-10 years working in the sector)

      2. Demonstrated leadership achievement in areas including: 
    • Their leadership is bold, innovative, inclusive and inspires collaboration in the sector. 
    • Seeks to establish, promote and strengthen meaningful partnerships and collaborative opportunities to drive outcomes. 
    • Ensures community-based and person-centred care and engagement at all times. 
    • Commitment to ongoing development of knowledge and skills in the sector, and application of evidence-based practice. 
    • Successful advocacy with government and/or other regulatory bodies. 
    • Actively shares responsibility, authority, information and credit when working towards the achievement of a goal.
    • Sets a high standard of integrity by leading through example and maintains high personal standards.

       3. Some of the reasons you might consider nominating an
           outstanding healthcare professional working within Justice and
           Correctional Health:
    • Innovative approaches for information exchange and health promotion in HCV prevention and care within the custodial sector.
    • Developed prison-focused HCV education programs adapted to diverse prison settings.
    • Involved in research to support advocacy and drive policy making.
    • Participate and provide services that promote continuity of care and health – optimizing patient health outcomes.
    • Provide services and opportunities to strengthen care during transition back to community.
Nominations are assessed by a panel of adjudicators to determine a winner