Salmon Unlimited of Wisconsin was established in 1973 by a group of dedicated individuals who had the same vision and goal's in mind. It was to maintain a strong and healthy fishery for the current anglers, and for our future anglers to all enjoy. The dedication of club members has helped this club work threw some hard times but yet it is here today. It can't be sugar coated that the club has once again fallen on hard times as in participation of fund raisers, club activities, events supporting local awareness, and monthly attendance of meetings. We are asking for just a few moments of your time to help us better understand where we may need improvements to get all on track, and proud to be members again. 

                                                                                      Thank You,

                                                            Salmon Unlimited Wisconsin Board of Directors

* 1. Why did you decide to become a member of Salmon Unlimited?

* 2. Do you attend monthly meetings?

* 3. Do you follow the meetings by reading the Fish-On?

* 4. Do you prefer a mailed edition, or online edition of the Fish-On?
(there is a cost associated with printing and mailing of the Fish On)

* 5.  Do you use the the Salmon Unlimited website?

* 6. Do you participate in the club's monthly fish outings?

* 7. Do you participate in the club's yearly Big Fish Awards?

* 8. What improvements would you like to see within the club to make it better?

* 9.  Knowing that the club needs more volunteers for events such as Salmon-A-Rama what can we as a club do to get more people to volunteer?  Understanding that we are all busy but volunteering even 1 hour a month will help the club greatly.

* 10.  Any other other comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated?