WARHorses wants to know how your horse world is colored. Take our color survey and next week we’ll share the results! Feel free to skip over any questions that do not apply. Thank you!

* 1. When I set out to buy my FIRST HORSE, I was looking for this color horse...

* 2. My FIRST HORSE is/was this color...

* 3. When I set out to buy my CURRENT HORSE, I hand in mind this color horse...

* 4. My CURRENT HORSE is a...

* 5. I prefer to color coordinate my horse's accessories so everything matches

* 6. My horse's accessories do not match and I'm ok with that.

* 7. I prefer more traditional equestrian colors like navy, red and hunter green for my horse(s).

* 8. I prefer less traditional colors for my horse(s) like light blue, pink or purple.

* 9. When I find horse accessories in unique colors like yellow, orange and chartreuse, I snap them up.

* 10. I wish there was a greater variety of colors and patterns available for my horse(s).

* 11. What color is your favorite saddle pad?

* 12. What color is your favorite halter?

* 13. What color is your favorite horse blanket or sheet?

* 14. What is your favorite color (in general)?