Thank you for your assistance

Whether you are interested in participating in our consultant network or not, we ask for about 5 minutes of your time. Your responses will help CLEAN better support teachers and college instructors who teach about climate science and energy awareness.

If you are interested in participating in our consultant network, your responses to a few questions at the end of the form will help us identify a diverse group of educators to assist us in studying the status of and needs in climate education and provide contact information that we will need for the study.

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* 1. By checking the box below, I am indicating that I understand and accept the following:

• If I am interested, I may be selected to participate in a consultant network for the CLEAN project.
• Participation will take approximately one to two hours each year over three years.
• If selected, I will be paid a total $225 (in three installments) for my participation.
• I will not be identified, and my name and institution will not be used in any way. The information gathered through this survey and interviews will be aggregated and reported anonymously.
• Inverness Research will have exclusive access to the raw data, and the data may be used for publication.