* 1. What math class did your student take this year?

* 2. Are you aware that North Smithfield Schools created a new Curriculum based on the Common Core Standards for Math this year?

* 3. Are you aware that there are resources available to you and your student (s) to assist them with understanding their math curriculum?

* 4. Have you ever accessed the Resources provided by the math department to help your child with math?

* 5. Has your student ever used the new Study Guide for Parent/Students in order to help them with preparing for their math tests?

* 6. Has your student ever used videos (i.e. Kahn Academy. Illustrative Mathematics Project, Learn Zillion) to help them understand math better?

* 7. Here are the Resources that we created to help you and your student understand the Common Core Standards and how they will be taught in class.

Kindergarten: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/kindergarten-math
Grade 1: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/grade-one-math
Grade 2: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/grade-two-math
Grade 3: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/grade-three-math
Grade 4: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/grade-four-math
Grade 5: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/grade-five-math
Grade 6: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/grade-six-math
Grade 7: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/grade-seven-math
Grade 7 accelerated: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/grade-seven-accelerated-math
Grade 8: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/grade-eight-math
Algebra I: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/grade-eight-math
Geometry: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/geometry
Algebra II: http://curriculum.northsmithfieldschools.com/content/algebra-ii

Do you think this information is helpful?

* 8. Is it clear from this information how your student can access help with math online?

* 9. Do you think that your student will be helped in learning math from these resources?

* 10. Do you think this information will help your student feel better about their ability to learn math?