Benzene and other compounds released to the air from gas stations can increase cancer among those living within 500- to 1,000-feet.  The aerial above shows how one proposed gas station, a Family Express, would be built a few feet of homes. The City of Carmel lacks protections afforded Hamilton County residents from the adverse health effects of compounds released at new gas station pumps and from underground storage tanks. 

The Carmel Alliance for Healthy Neighborhoods is also concerned about the proliferation of carry-out liquor stores in West Clay and other neighborhoods.  Researchers have documented that as the number of carry out stores increase, so do crime rates and health issues.  Note that the aerial above shows two existing carry-out liquor stores in the West Clay neighborhood.  The proposed Family Express would add a third.

Please add your name and contact information below to join with us in urging the Carmel Common Council to adopt requirements guiding new gas station to locations where we can enjoy the benefits these establishments provide without exposing neighbors to harmful fumes.  By signing this petition you'll also be urging the Common Council to curb the proliferation of carry-out liquor stores in our communities.

Further detail, including the science supporting these concerns, is available at the Carmel Healthy Neighborhoods Alliance webpage:

We've retained Community & Environmental Defense Services (CEDS) to assist us in preserving West Clay and all other Carmel neighborhoods.  To learn more about CEDS and how they've helped other in defeating poorly planned gas stations visit:

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* 1. Please add your name and contact information below to urge the City of Carmel Common Council to protect your neighborhood and ours from new gas station impacts and the proliferation of carry-out liquor stores.  Your contact information allows us to let you know of our progress in ensuring your home and ours are protected from the health and safety impacts of new gas stations and carry-out liquor stores.

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* 2. Please share the reasons why you're concerned about the health and safety effects of new gas stations and alcohol carry-out stores.  This explanation will prompt elected officials and other decision-makers to take your concerns more seriously.