* 1. What is your level of interest in the following topics?

  Not at All Interested Not Very Interested Neutral Somewhat Interested Very Interested
Tall Tales: Stories about my life and experiences as a tall woman
Tall Purchases: List of recent purchases from tall-friendly retailers
What to Wear: Inspiration for what to wear by occasion (e.g. what to wear to an office holiday party, what to wear on a night out, etc.)
Fashion Events: Coverage of fashion events I attend
Fashion News: Fashion-related announcements
Travel Diaries: Recap of my personal travel experiences
Tall Celebrities: Educational critique of what tall celebrities are doing/wearing
Reviews: Evaluation of clothing, shoes and accessories from tall-friendly retailers
Tall Tricks: Tips for tall women on how to put together outfits and how to find clothing that fits
Style Obsessions: New trends that I’m loving
Tall Shopping: Where to find clothing, shoes and accessories that fit tall women

* 2. Are there topics not listed above that you would be interested in?