The Yukon Chamber of Commerce is interested in knowing your experience as either a Complainant or Respondent involved in the complaint process with the Yukon Human Rights Commission.

The Yukon Human Rights Commission is an independent agency that promotes equality and diversity through research, education and enforcement of the Yukon Human Rights Act.

The Yukon Human Rights Act provides protection in the following areas: all aspects of employment; receiving goods and services; housing, leasing, or renting; membership in or representation by trade unions or professional associations, and public contracts.  The Yukon Human Rights Commission consists of a minimum of three and maximum of five members that are appointed by the Yukon Legislature for a term of three years. No legislated criteria are required to join. A strong interest in human rights and knowledge of administrative law are an asset but not required. The composition of the board would ideally represent Yukon's diversity.

Please note that none of the information collected will be shared in a way that would allow the identification of an individual business or person.

You are invited to complete the survey by Sunday, January 6, 2019.

Question Title

The person making the human rights complaint is called the “Complainant”.  The person against whom the complaint is made is called the “Respondent”.  The Respondent can be an individual, an employer, or an organization responsible for the actions of its members.

Question Title

* 1. In the last 10 years, have you been involved, at any stage, i.e. inquiry, complaint, investigation, settlement or hearing of a complain process as a Complainant and/or a Respondent?