1. GWJ$ Partner Application

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* 4. MISSION of organization or financial literacy department

* 5. Description of Financial Literacy Activities, Programs and/or Services

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* 8. Please describe any specific NEEDS your organization has(e.g. volunteers, partnerships, curricula, access, funding, etc.)

* 9. It is our vision that one day all Greater Washington students have personal finance in their education. Greater Washington Jump$tart provides the communication, coordination and collaboration necessary to ensure this education. But our success relies on strong community partnerships, committed volunteers and grassroots leadership. What ways can you and your organization actively engage with Greater Washington Jump$tart to help us achieve our collective goals? (Please select all that apply and describe below)

* 10. Do you know other organizations/individuals involved in financial literacy in the region who would benefit by getting involved with Greater Washington Jump$tart? If yes, please list the contact's name, organization, email, and phone number:

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