Girls Who Code at Pembroke Public Library - Summer 2018 Session Registration

About this Form:
Please note that completion of this electronic form does not guarantee the interested party will receive a spot in Pembroke Public Library's Girls Who Code spring session.  Space is extremely limited and while we would love to accept more students, we simply do not have the equipment or staff time.
What is Girls Who Code?
Girls Who Code is a national non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in technology. Our programs educate, equip, and inspire girls with the computing skills they’ll need to pursue 21st century opportunities.

Girls in this Pembroke club will be working to complete a project together that will incorporate the skills they learn in these sessions.

Who is Girls Who Code for?
Girls Who Code at Pembroke Public Library is open to girls in grades 6 through 12, regardless of residency in Pembroke. 

Space is limited, so we do ask that participants ensure they will be able to attend a majority of sessions from July 3 – August 28, 2018.

When is Girls Who Code?
Sessions are planned for Tuesdays from 1:00-3:00pm at the Pembroke Public Library.
The starting date will be Tuesday July 3, 2018.

Who is the instructor?
Ms. Kate Carlton will be the Facilitator for these sessions; she began her coding experience through self-teaching and is eager to share her knowledge with our local students.
Any questions regarding registration may be directed to Miss Melissa at the Pembroke Public Library:
142 Center St.
Pembroke, MA 02359
781-293-6771 Ext. 19

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* 6. If accepted into the Girls Who Code Club at Pembroke Public Library, I will make every effort to attend all eight (8) Club meetings to ensure I maximize my learning and contribution to the workshop project(s).