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Global Sustainability Lecture supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs)

•Focus/Topic: The Global Sustainability Lecturer would present on current SEG initiatives that directly connect to achieving the UN-SDGs, for instance the humanitarian work achieved by a GWB project to provide clean drinking water or mitigate hazards like landslide, volcano or tsunami. For a list of GWB’s funded projects, please click this link.

•Format: Two lectures annually (one in person and one virtual), on a specific topic;  performed in-person, live and recorded for on demand viewing.

•Process: Lecture nominations will be sought by the GWB’s Steering Committee. SEG's DL Comm. will also seek additional nominations from sustainability experts from SEG's NS Tech. Sessions, among others. The established SEG Distinguished Lecture Committee will oversee the selection process of appropriate lecturer(s), and SEG staff will coordinate with the chosen lecturer(s) to carry out the in-person, live and recorded presentations.