The Bayer Center is giving away two (2) free, 1-hour coaching sessions (to take place in the time slot of a TechNow 2012 conference breakout session) to celebrate the launch of our professional coaching program!

More than just a sympathetic ear, a professional coach can help you be more effective at:

  • Managing others
  • Managing yourself
  • Managing change
  • Balancing the demands of your professional and private lives
  • In short...being more effective at work and play!

Contest Rules and Notices:

  1. To participate, you must fill out and submit the form below AND be registered for the TechNow conference. Registration info can be found at the TechNow website:

  2. Two (2) winners will be selected on Friday Oct. 12 by random drawing. If your name is drawn and you are not registered for the TechNow conference on Oct. 25, 2012, you are not eligible to win. We will re-draw until a conference registrant's name is drawn.

  3. You will receive your free coaching session at the TechNow conference in lieu of attending one of the two conference breakout sessions. We will contact you prior to the conference to make arrangements for your coaching session.

  4. Successful coaching requires your active involvement. So, if you win, make sure you come prepared with an issue around which you'd like to be coached.

Questions about this contest may be directed to Cindy Leonard,

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