GRT Customer Feedback Survey

Thanks for taking 5 minutes to give us your input.

GRT will send a $10 Starbuck's Gift Card to GRT customers for submitting this survey.

Tim Keller, Director of Marketing

* 1. Which GRT products are you using (check all that apply)?

* 2. The GRT products met my requirements.

* 3. How would you rate GRTs technical support?

  Strongly Agree Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
Resolved Problems

* 4. GRT products and services are a good value for the money.

  Strongly Agree Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly Disagree NA
Switches - Pantera or Techway
GRAV64 or Matrix Cards
IP Core
HOTLink Analyzer (HSLA)
ARINC 818 Analyzer (VPA)
Titan or Callisto System

* 5. I would recommend GRT to other companies.

* 6. Do you have any problems with the GRT product (card, core, software...) that are still unresolved? If yes, please provide contact information.

* 7. We are assessing potential new products. How interested would you be in any of the following products from GRT?

  Very Interested Interested not sure Uninterested Would never need this
Ultra High Speed ARINC 818 (up to 25Gbps)
ARINC 818 over High-Speed Copper Coax (6Gbps)
ARINC 818 Error Injection card
ARINC 818 to SDI Converter
ARINC 818 to CameraLink Converter
ARINC 818 dual channel XMC
ARINC 818 Image Resizing IP

* 8. To what name and mailing address can we send your Starbuck's card for completing this survey?

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