We Want to Make CAVA the Best it Can Be

We believe that parents and teachers share many of the same issues and by working together, can improve our school. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is for all of CAVA’s stakeholders to work collaboratively.

In recent years, a number of CAVA teachers have become increasingly concerned that the way that our school is being managed is having a negative impact on our students and families. We have attempted to address these concerns with administration but they have not been receptive to our suggestions. In order to have a voice in the way our school has run, a strong majority of CAVA teachers have signed a petition to form a union. At this time, CAVA administration refuses to acknowledge our union but we are determined to continue to work for improvements to CAVA so that our students are receiving the quality of education they deserve.

We’d like your feedback so that we can work together to build on CAVA’s strengths and address CAVA’s shortcomings.