Thank you for filling out this survey from Minimalist at Home

* 1. What is your personal “why” for choosing minimalism?

* 2. How do you think living a minimalist lifestyle is different when you have a family? (with or without kids)

* 3. Do you actively teach your children minimalist principles?

* 4. What was the hardest area of your family life to apply to minimalism to?

* 5. Does everyone in the family see eye-to-eye on your minimalist lifestyle?

* 6. Do you have any tips for families who are new to minimalism?

* 7. What advice do you have for the struggling and discouraged minimalists out there?

* 8. If you'd like to be included in my upcoming book, I'll need to you know your name, blog info, etc. If not, just leave this blank. Thanks so much for participating!