We are gathering the following information from GVSU TR alumni so that we can keep in touch! The information will be used to keep in contact with you in order to:
* ask for your help in keeping the program strong (for instance, we may ask for your help in providing opportunities for current students such as job shadowing or placement opportunities)
* give you updates about the GVSU TR program (like the TR graduate program scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016 and the upcoming 40th anniversary of the TR program)
* get information from you (for instance, we plan on sending out anonymous surveys related to alumni satisfaction with the program and to find out what people are doing after they graduate)
* provide you with employment opportunities that are sent our way

Job postings are the most common form of communication you will receive and are sent out as we receive them.... if you would like to opt out of receiving job postings, please indicate by clicking on the following button: