* 1. Do you live in Irvine?

* 2. How many people do you plan to see at your Thanksgiving dinner?

* 3. What's on the menu?

* 4. Tell us more about dinner. Are you cooking, hosting, traveling or dinning out?

* 5. Which is better: The meal or the leftovers, homemade dessert or store-bought treats?

* 6. Do you have a second Thanksgiving meal to attend?

* 7. How do you avoid the post-meal food coma?

* 8. And the day after.....

* 9. We're looking for unique Thanksgiving stories, traditions, recipes from Irvine residents to feature in the Irvine World News. Please share your comments, along with a way to reach you (full name and phone or email) so we can contact you.

* 10. Have you connected with Irvine World News on Facebook?

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