Thank-you for taking 5-minutes to provide us with your feedback.

* 1. For early morning 60-minute classes what is your preferred time?

* 2. Regarding lunch-time 60-minute classes what is your preferred time?

* 3. We recognise that it is not easy to consistently attend Yoga classes due to the demands on your time.
Would any of the following schemes/programs appeal to you?

* 4. Would any of the following services make it easier for you to stay more consistent with Yoga?

* 5. Regarding Self Practice Time, select any of the following statements that are applicable:

* 6. This question relates to an alternative scheme for the payment of class fees.
You would deposit an amount of money into your account. Then, your are charged according to the type of classes you attend.
— if you attend a 90-minute class, the 90-minute fee is deducted from your account, for a 60-minute class, the 60-minute fee is deducted.
When your account is empty, you can top up your account.
* Your credit would be valid for 4 months. If the credit is not used within the 4 months, it could be re-actived (within 3 months of the expiration) date by paying a reactivation fee.

* 7. Any other comments or suggestions on scheduling?