* 1. Tell us a little about you please.

* 2. What type of browser do you use?

* 3. What was the first thing you thought when you hit the Rant it Button?

* 4. What was the biggest challenge you had when you wanted to Send a Rant?

* 5. The functionality behind the Rant button (Zextit) allows you to "text" anything on the web to mobile friends. Other than sports what else might you use this type of functionality for?

* 6. Would you send to a group (think, sending the same Rant to multiple people)

* 7. Would you share a Rant with a Community to get feedback from anonymous people?

* 8. Would you rate and comment on a Rant from a community of users?

* 9. Did you look at the website Zextit.com, if so did install the Zextit button?

* 10. Please enter the email address where you would like to get paid via PayPal

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