Rothesay Yacht Club 2018 Member Survey

Your feedback is important to us. This survey has been issued by the Board of Directors of the Rothesay Yacht Club to help us improve in several areas. This survey will be issued to all members.  Summary results will be shared and not your name. We will be presenting these results through our periodic updates to the members of RYC.

You may participate only once per family, and the survey should take only a  minute to complete.

Please take the time to complete this before February 14.

- RYC Board of Directors

* 1. Which of the following club infrastructure improvement areas are important to you?

  Does not matter at all Not a priority Neutral Important Very important
Improvements to the clubhouse.
Improvements to docks  by improving  stability and appearance
Improvements to pilings
Improvements to the breakwater for protection of the harbour
Increasing the electrical system capacity at the docks
Improvements to the sailing school fleet (Opti's, 420's)
Adding parking capacity
Adding equipment such as a marine travel lift to simplify launch and haul.
Adding fuel docks
Creating a bar and restaurant for members and guests

* 2. Regarding Volunteering at the club which statement best describes your belief?

* 3. Which statement best describes the Communication from the RYC Board of Directors

* 4. What type of boat do you have at the club?

* 5. Where do you keep our boat moored?

* 6. Your name