Industry feedback and insights from marketers

We are currently surveying marketers who leverage Influencer Marketing for their brand to better understand your viewpoint on the industry and where you feel it's going. 

As thanks, we're offering each respondent a month's worth of free access to the Grapevine platform, as well as a subscription to VideoInk's membership!

* 1. About how many employees work at your company? 

* 2. What's your annual marketing budget?  

* 3. Approximately how much of your budget is dedicated to influencer marketing efforts?

* 4. How are you discovering Influencers and Creators? (check all That apply)

* 5. How many years has your company been running Influencer campaigns?

* 6. In the past 6 months, how many influencers have you worked with?

* 7. Who runs your influencer marketing initiatives? (check all that apply)

* 8. How are you repurposing content after campaigns? (Check all that apply) 

* 9. On a scale 5 (very effective) to 1 (very ineffective), how effective are the following social media platforms at engaging your ideal customer?

  Very effective Effective Neither effective or ineffective Ineffective Very ineffective N/A

* 10. On a scale 5 (very valuable) to 1 (very invaluable) how critical are the following KPIs in determining your brand’s success with Influencer?

  Very valuable Valuable Neither valuable or invaluable Invaluable Very invaluable N/A
Click Through Rate (CTR)
Total # of Conversions
Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
Cost Per Click (CPC)

* 11. On a scale 5 (very important) to 1 (very unimportant) how important are the following traits in a creator before you work with them?

  Very important Important Neither important or unimportant Unimportant Very unimportant N/A
Platform of choice
Success of previous brand collaborations
Amount of Followers / Subscribers
Audience Demographic
Alignment with Brand Values

* 12. What approaches are your team taking to ensure brand-safe content? (Check all that apply) 

* 13. What most accurately describes the nature of your Influencer campaigns?

* 14. What are your brand's goals with Influencer Marketing? (Pick two) 

* 15. Which events are you planning on attending?  (Check all that apply) 

* 16. What role will Influencer Marketing play in your organization in the next three years?

* 17. Any general feedback you have about influencer marketing, the industry, experiences, things you want to see happen, etc.

* 18. Thanks for taking the survey! Want a month of access to Grapevine's platform as well as VideoInk's membership? Tell us more about yourself and we'll follow up.