* 1. Are you a registered Republican voter in Cinnaminson Township?
(Important: In order to vote in this Straw Poll you MUST be a Cinnaminson Republican. And each Cinnaminson Republican is allowed to vote only once. Your IP Address will tell us if you try to vote more than once. Should another registered Republican in your household desire to cast a ballot, just send an email to CinnaGOP@comcast.net and we'll immediately send you an additional ballot.)

* 2. Who would you like to see nominated as the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate?
(Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Please check only 1 name.)

* 3. OPTIONAL: Who would you like to see nominated as the Republican VICE-PRESIDENTIAL candidate in 2012?

* 4. OPTIONAL: On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the following political figures?
(1 is the lowest score. 10 is the highest score.)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Barack Obama (President)
Joe Biden (Vice President)
Chris Christie (Governor)
Kim Guadagno (Lt. Governor)
Frank Lautenberg (U.S. Senator)
Bob Menendez (U.S. Senator)
Jon Runyan (Congressman)
Diane Allen (State Senator)
Joe Donnelly (Freeholder)
Anthony Minniti (Township Committee)
Ben Young (Township Committee)
Kathy Fitzpatrick (Township Committee)
Don Brauckmann (Township Committee)
John Rooney (Township Committee)

* 5. Do you want the results of the Cinnaminson Republican 2012 PRESIDENTIAL STRAW POLL personally sent to you when tallied on May 23, 2011? If so, just leave your email address in the field below (privacy guaranteed).