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* 1. What language is your child studying?

* 2. Does your child enjoy the classes?

* 3. What do you/your child like or dislike about the classes?

* 4. How would you rate your child's language learning experience with Lingua Fanatics so far? (Not all categories will be relevant to your child at this stage)

  Excellent Good Moderate Poor N/A
Communication Skills

* 5. Are you involved with tasks given to complete at home?

* 6. Are you happy with the standard of teaching delivered by the tutor?

* 7. Are you happy with the level of communication between classes?

* 8. What are your views on the teaching materials and methodology used?

  Excellent Good Average Poor
Teaching materials
Teaching methods

* 9. What future benefits do you expect your child to gain from this learning experience?

* 10. Do you have any suggestions for future improvements?