Ellerslie Residents Association Inc 2014 Clubs and Societies Survey

* 1. Are you a member of a Club(s) or Society(ies)?

* 2. What type of activities do you particpate in?

* 3. Which activities do you participate in many times (10 - 50) per year ?

* 4. Where is the Club or Society located?

* 5. What is the total annual cost of the membership fees of all the organisations you belong too?

* 6. Do you serve as a committee member of any club or society?

* 7. Please name the club or society you serve as a committee member?

* 8. How many other family members or residents at your address are active in a club or society?

* 9. What is your name, address, telephone number and email address please?

* 10. I am not a member of the ERA and I would like to become a member?