The Global Timber Tracking Network (GTTN) promotes the operationalization of innovative tools for species identification and determination of geographic origin of wood to verify trade claims.

GTTN assists the fight against illegal logging and the related trade around the globe, by bringing together researchers developing the tools, forest and timber industries exercising due diligence, and law enforcement agencies.

GTTN is an open alliance that cooperates along a joint vision of all stakeholders involved in combating illegal logging and associated timber trade. The network activities are financed through an open multi-donor approach. 

This survey has two key objectives:
1) to identify GTTN audience and stakeholder groups
2) to identify interest in cooperation through GTTN working groups to make further progress on core activities such as the development of GTTN standards and guidelines, development of a service portfolio and reference database, and communications and advocacy.

Please check our flyer for more information on GTTN and activities.

* 1. Personal contact details

* 3. Organization contact details

* 6. Activity description (select all applicable)

SFM: sustainable forest management
CoC: Chain of Custody

* 8. Indicate discipline from which point of view you want to contribute:

* 9. Indicate which working group(s) you want to contribute to:

* 10. What topic(s) would you like to see addressed in your selected Working Group(s)?

* 11. How much time could you contribute, indicated as days on an annual basis?

0 Working days
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.
(These data are to estimate the pool of combined resources by GTTN network partners. Please note that any time allocation is voluntary and cannot be compensated by the GTTN secretariat. Individual responses will be kept confidential.)

* 12. What are your expectations towards GTTN phase II (2017-2019)?

* 13. Does your organization have reference data that are relevant for GTTN? If yes, then we will contact you at later stage for more information. If your response concerns more than one dataset, then please indicate any answer that applies.

* 14. Formalization of cooperation with GTTN through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

* 15. Please suggest name and email of people whom you think we should contact with this survey. You are also encouraged to share the web-link of this survey directly with relevant experts.

* 16. Feel free to share any observation, comment or request for clarification.

GTTN is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.