* 1. How often do you visit Grassington Hub?

* 2. If you visit Grassington Hub less than once a week (or never), please indicate the reason why.

* 3. Which of the following services are you aware of or do you use in the Hub?

* 4. How satisfied were you with the services you used at Grassington Hub?

* 5. Please explain your categorization of the services at the Hub.

* 6. Which facilities do you use most at the Hub, if any?

* 7. Which facilities do you think are missing from the Hub?

* 8. Please list any other activities you would like to see on offer at venues across Grassington (e.g. exercise classes, clubs or courses).

* 9. What are the best days and times for you to access the services you are interested in?

* 10. Please indicate your age group.

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