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In addition to my consultations and coaching sessions, this year I'm also planning to offer online courses. They will be taught by me (Ute) via videos and I'll provide the same tips and tools I do during my in person workshops. These courses will be self-paced, meaning that once you sign up you are free to take them at your own convenience with no deadline.
These courses won't be interactive, but you will have the chance to meet me in consultation and coaching sessions – in person or online – and/or join a secret group on facebook where you can share your experience, ask questions and get support from me and others who did the courses too.
My number one goal is to bring you services that help you embrace every stage of your international life and give you the support you need.
By filling out this survey you help me get to know your needs better. Plus, at the bottom there is a chance for you to save 20% on one of my new services!
Thank you for participating!

~ Ute

* 1. What are your biggest challenges right now, related to your international life?

* 2. Have you purchased an online course before?

* 3. If you have purchased an online course before, what is the average price you've spent per course?

* 4. How likely would you be to purchase an online course featuring the following topics:

  Unlikely Somewhat likely Very likely
Change- and stress- management for internationals: how to become more resilient
Embrace International Childhood (how to make sure our children thrive)
Intercultural communication – understand the other culture
How to make sure our children become more resilient and cope better with stress
Long term internationals: what to consider and how to build our "home" abroad
Repatriation: how to best prepare for the big step "back home"...
Parenting the Bilingual Child (0-6 year olds)
Parenting the Bilingual Child (6-18 year olds): how to make sure our children maintain the "other" language(s) when they go to school
Become and stay bilingual as an adult: strategies to maintain the languages we learn along the journey
Effective communication with adults (i.e. partner, caregiver, teachers, collegues...)
Effective communication with tweens and teenagers

* 5. Get 20% off your first course!

Please enter your email in the box here below so that I can inform you when the courses you are interested in are online and get the chance to purchase your first course for 20% off the list price.

Please feel free to forward this to other people you know that might be interested in getting this deal too! 

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