Please complete this survey if you are interested in registering your school to rent STEMworks National Geographic s Giant Traveling Map (GTM) of the Pacific Ocean.

MEDB Women in Technology STEMworks has recently added the National Geographic's Pacific Giant Traveling Map to our STEM Library. This geospatial tool is available to all schools, clubs and organizations to rent at a rate of $100/week in addition to any shipping charges for delivery to Hawaii islands.
We will be requesting that all school's interested in hosting this map designate one contact person to handle correspondence, liability, scheduling, and transportation of the map to and from your school. This survey is a preliminary request for information only.

National Geographic's Pacific Ocean Teacher Guide can be downloaded here for information regarding activities with the Pacific GTM. You may also visit our website for more details.  Please ensure that your school has sufficient facilities to host the GTM (it measures approximately 26’ x 35’ and will require a large cafeteria or gym to house it). Also, you will need access to a truck to coordinate transportation as the map tube is 9.5 feet long (can easily be carried by two people).

Map dimensions/weights are below: The cylindrical shipping tube is approximately 9.5 ft. long x 12" wide. The Pacific GTM map is estimated to weigh 115 lbs and measures approximately 26’ x 35’.

* 1. Full Name:

* 2. School:

* 3. Email Address:

* 4. Best Contact Number:

* 5. Island:

* 6. Does your school have the proper facilities to house the Giant Traveling Map? For example, a cafeteria, an indoor gym, etc. (The map measures approximately 26 feet by 35 feet).

* 7. Are you a STEMworks school (inquire about STEMworks discount)?

* 8. Rental loans are only available in weekly increments. How many weeks are you requesting to rent the map (loan price is $100/week and does not include shipping charges)? MEDB accepts POs payable to Maui Economic Development Board, 1305 North Holopono Street, Suite 1, Kihei, HI 96753. Renters are responsible for any shipping charges for island-to-island/site-to-site shipping (it is recommended that schools/organizations partner to share shipping costs).

* 9. Please indicate the months/weeks you are interested in renting the map (loan is dependent on availability). You may check out the Google Calendar to see scheduled loans here.

* 10. Do you have access to a truck or van (the map and curriculum trunk will not fit into a compact car) to help pick up or drop off the map, if needed?

* 11. In order to transport the Giant Traveling Map, some heavy lifting will be required. Are you able to lift over 100 pounds or is assistance available at your school (the cylindrical shipping tube is approximately 9.5 ft. long x 12" wide and is estimated to weigh over 115 pounds)?

* 12. Do you have permission from your school's principal to host the Giant Traveling Map?

* 13. I agree to ensure the use and safekeeping of the Giant Traveling Map from the time it arrives to the time of its departure:

It must not be used outside
Students must remove shoes and not have any sharp objects during use
The curriculum binder must be returned with the map
If any materials are damaged and/or missing, I will notify STEMworks immediately

* 14. In case multiple teachers from your school are interested in hosting the Giant Traveling Map, will you be able to designate a single Point of Contact who will be in charge of coordination for your event?

* 15. This survey is a preliminary request for information only. You will receive an email soon to request more information regarding scheduling and availability of the map. Please check "Yes" if you understand that we may not be able to accommodate each request based on demand.