The Grand Teton Music Festival announces the third annual scholarship competition in honor of Music Director Donald Runnicles. The competition is open to graduating high school seniors from Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana who will pursue their primary studies in music (classical, jazz, or other) at an accredited four-year college with a music program recognized by the National Association of Schools of Music, or a conservatory with a widely recognized national profile such as The Juilliard School, Curtis Institute of Music, or the New England Conservatory.

ATTENTION: Due to the current national crisis, the 2020 Competition will be adjudicated solely on application materials and video submissions. Please read the amended requirements and guidelines carefully. If, in light of this year’s purely digital format, you wish to update or re-submit any previously uploaded materials, please do so by MAY 6th, 2020.

First prize is $20,000; second prize is $12,500; and third prize is $7,500.
Application Requirements

·       Applicants must complete this application form.

·       Each applicant must submit an unaccompanied audition video of no less than 10 minutes and no more than 15 minutes of performance material that best represents their capabilities as a musician. Full details are below.

·       In addition to the questions on this survey, each applicant must submit a 500-word essay on the topic of “Music in a Time of Crisis” that considers the role of performing arts during the quarantine and after the pandemic. Please write this essay in advance and paste it from your word document into the field in the survey.


Audition Video Guidelines

·       Begin the video by stating your name, hometown, instrument, and the selections to be performed.

·       The audition video must contain solo works of at least two contrasting styles. Full pieces are not required; excerpts or individual movements are acceptable. Ensure the length is between 10–15 minutes.

·       Since access to a pianist may be compromised for some applicants, accompaniment is not permitted in the audition video. All submissions must be solo instrument or voice only.

·       Record the audition in whatever way is most easily available to you. Recordings on smartphones ARE acceptable and encouraged. You will NOT be adjudicated on the quality of the video, but solely on the performance.

·       The video must be in one continuous take; no editing, splicing, or enhancements of any kind will be permitted. Audition videos that are suspected of being edited or otherwise enhanced will be disqualified.

·       The video frame should include your entire face, your instrument, and full range of motion while you are playing. Videos submitted without full visibility may not be considered.

·       Give careful consideration to the room and environment in which you are recording the video. Make certain you are well lit with more light in front of you, rather than behind you.

·       Be certain to review your video before submission, checking for audio levels and visual presentation.

·       Once the video is complete, upload it to an external video