* 1. Which of the following factors has most influence on deciding what form of transport to use?

* 2. When you travel on business by air do you usually travel...

* 3. Can you fly directly from the UK to the places you want to do business?

* 4. If no, which country are you primarily unable to access directly?

* 5. Have you taken a connecting flight via a European hub airport in the last 12 months?

* 6. If yes, which hub did you use?

* 7. If yes, what was the reason?

* 8. In terms of expanding existing airports in the SE, what would be your preferred option?

* 9. Which would be your preferred location for a new hub airport for the UK?

* 10. How should a new hub airport be paid for?

* 11. As a business traveller which of the following would have the greatest positive impact on your airport experience? (please answer one only)

* 12. Do you think that UK air travel is fairly taxed?

* 13. Which one of the following will be the greatest burden to UK business?

* 14. If the cost of travelling by air from the UK continues to rise disproportionately to European competitors, how seriously would you consider the following:

  Seriously Possibly Not at all
Sending staff through EU hubs
Moving business (or part of business) location
Alternative forms of transport
Not travelling - video conferencing etc

* 15. Do you support High Speed 2 (HS2)?

* 16. Which HS2 route would be most important to your business?

* 17. In order for you to switch from car or domestic flights to HSR how important would it be for the HS2 route to link directly into Heathrow?

* 18. Would you prefer to see investment put into existing rail infrastructure instead?

* 19. When you travel by train do you normally travel...

* 20. Which factor is most important to you in a franchise tender?

* 21. What possible infrastructure improvements are most crucial for the business traveller? Rank the following: (1 being most important, 7 being least important)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
High Speed Rail Network
Expansion of UK airports outside of the South East
Expansion of SE airports
Expansion of toll road network
Major motorway improvements (M25, M4, M5, M62, M1)
Mainline rail station investment
Thames Estuary Airport

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