Thank you for taking this brief survey!

GTEI's mission is to internationalize teacher preparation so that U.S. educators are better prepared to lead students to global competence.  We are engaged in strategic planning and appreciate your ideas about what resources are most useful to teacher educators and administrators wanting to internationalize programs, courses, and candidate experiences.

* 1. What is your role?  Check all that apply.

* 2. What topics would be most helpful for internationalizing your teacher preparation program? Check all that apply.

* 3. What topics would be most helpful for internationalizing your course/s and teacher candidate experiences?  Check all that apply.

* 4. What formats for learning about and/or contributing to research related to internationalization would be most useful?  Check all that apply.

* 5. What formats for professional development would be most useful for internationalizing teacher preparation?  Check all that apply.

* 6. What kind of social media would be most useful to you in developing a sense of community with others interested in internationalizing teacher preparation and receiving announcements and resources?

* 7. Your comments about any of these questions and the role that GTEI can play to internationalize teacher preparation is much appreciated. Thank you for taking this survey.