Faculty at UConn Avery Point along with public and private entities are seeking to create a “Maritime Connecticut Corridor” by integrating resources related to Connecticut’s maritime history, cultures, economy and scientific endeavors.  The Corridor will have an on-line presence that will enable users to understand how individuals and communities have worked on, in, and around Connecticut’s coasts and rivers in the past and present and allow users to interact with Connecticut’s rich maritime heritage in real-time and on location.  The project which is being launched now, will be developed during the course of several workshops to be held later this year, focusing on different themes including heritage and culture; geography and economics; and sustainable seafood and science, among other potential ideas. We welcome your ideas and input to this process. Please consider completing this questionnaire or taking the online survey to let us know you interest in this:  http://s.uconn.edu/ctm

* 1. What types of themes or "trails" would you like to see included in this project? (Select as many as you wish)

  Yes No Maybe
Maritime history/museums
Waterfront access, open space, coastal nature walks 
Aquaculture, fisheries,  shellfish production
Seafood (Retail, i.e.; clam shacks )
Ferries, water taxis
Colonial & US Navy; US Coast Guard
Marine science research institutions
Native American marine heritage/history
Maritime arts - visual, performing

* 2. Are you, or are any organizations that you are involved with, engaged in efforts that could contribute to this initiative?

* 3. How often do you envision accessing the CT Maritime Heritage Corridor?

* 4. What locations/attractions/events would you like to see included in this effort?

* 5. What sites, events or attractions do you think evoke the maritime essence of Connecticut or the local region?

If you wish to learn more or participate in future efforts, please include your contact information:

* 6. Address

Thank you for participating!  To take this survey online, please go to: http://s.uconn.edu/ctm

If you have questions, please contact
Nat Trumbull by (email) nat@uconn.edu or (phone)  860 405-9025.
or Steven Park by (email) Park@uconn.edu or (phone) 860 405-9057