Project Background

The City of Glenwood Springs is working with Clarion Associates to review, analyze, and prepare an assessment of the City’s current land use regulations. The City’s current land use and development code was originally adopted in 1980 and has been subject to dozens of amendments since that time. Although well-intended, the piecemeal amendments have resulted in a complicated and user-unfriendly code over time. The City also updated the Comprehensive Plan in 2011, laying the groundwork for future regulatory changes. The assessment and analysis of the current regulations can establish a clear path forward for any future land use regulation changes. The assessment and analysis document will identify:

• Ways in which the current regulations work well;
• Ways in which the current regulations do not work well or are unduly complicated;
• Which sections of the current regulations, if any, are inconsistent with adopted plans, policies, or other goals of the City;
• Opportunities to coordinate with other sections of the Glenwood Springs Municipal Code to improve overall consistency;
• If updates are necessary to comply with the local, state, and federal laws;
• Ways to improve the development review procedures and streamline where appropriate; and
• Ways to improve the user-friendliness of the land use regulations.

The analysis will also include a detailed annotated outline showing how a revised set of land use regulations could be organized and what content should be incorporated. The Development Regulations Assessment project includes two primary tasks:

TASK 1 - Project Initiation, Research, and Analysis. The project team (consultant and staff) will review various background documents and begin collecting feedback to help inform later tasks. This task includes kick-off meetings and stakeholder interviews.

TASK 2 – Prepare Development Regulations Assessment and Annotated Outline. The consultant will undertake a technical review and diagnostic examination of the current development regulations. The consultant will prepare an evaluation outlining the major issues based on independent review and assessment of the feedback obtained in Task 1.

The assessment will also incorporate potential solutions based on national and local best practices. The consultant will also prepare an annotated outline for indicating how a new code could be organized, serving as a roadmap for any future updates. As part of our initial outreach, we would love to hear from citizens and other stakeholders on the strengths and weaknesses of the current land use regulations. Please feel free to respond to all of the questions, or just those for which you have feedback. Thank you for your input!

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