* 1. How far away from home have you traveled?

* 2. How often do you travel outside of your county?

* 3. With whom do you travel?

* 4. Have you ever traveled to any/all of these places?

* 5. Which kind of themed travel opportunities interest you?

* 6. Name at least one place in or around your state that you would like to travel to.

* 7. For those interested in domestic travel outside your state/region, where would you like to travel?

* 8. For those interested in international travel, where would you like to travel to?

* 9. Many of our former Girl Scout travelers have traveled without their friends, sometimes not knowing the other girls very well. If your friends don't sign up for a trip that you really want to go on, would you still sign up to go?

* 10. Please describe a great adult chaperone (skills, qualities, etc.).

* 11. If fund raising opportunities were available to girls in the travel pathway, would you parents/guardians be more likely to allow you to sign up for a trip?

* 12. What types of fundraising opportunities would you like to have available to you in the travel pathway?

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