Cheddar is now an accredited Walkers are Welcome (WaW) village. This means we are keen to promote the ample opportunities for walking in and around our village and to welcome those who come here to take advantage of them. By joining the national WaW network, we are agreeing to provide quality information about a range of walks and keep the routes up to scratch. We also aim to make walkers feel at home here and provide what they need for an enjoyable visit. We have a web site to assist walkers in planning their trips where we will be listing free of charge, relevant businesses that actively support Cheddar Walking (

If you would like to be one of these businesses, we would appreciate it if you could answer the following quick survey questions.

* 1. Please select any that apply to your business (you can select multiple options)

*Adopt-a-Path is a Somerset County Council scheme whereby people who regularly use specific paths or bridleways can help to keep the path clear and report any problems to the council. Where necessary, gloves and tools for vegetation clearance can be provided. If you check this box you are not committing yourself and there is no obligation to do anything further, but it will give Cheddar Walking an idea of how many people in the area are prepared to help maintain our local paths.

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