Thanks for using Octava at NOI 2015!

As we continue to develop Octava to enhance the concert experience, your feedback can be enormously helpful to us! Thanks for participating in this short survey about your Octava experience.

* 1. How likely are you to recommend Octava to a friend?

* 2. How would you rate your ability to read the characters on the screen?

* 3. How did the sequence of the screens relate to the music?

* 4. How well did you understand the musical terminology we used?

* 5. The app informed me about the progress through the music.

* 6. Using Octava has made it easier for me to understand and appreciate classical music.

* 7. I found Octava easy to use.

* 8. If you could change one thing about Octava, what would it be, and why?

* 9. What do you like best about Octava?

* 10. What do you like least about Octava?