The Gertrude Street Projection Festival is a large scale arts festival that illuminates Gertrude Street in Fitzroy over ten evenings in July. The Festival exhibits projection and contemporary new media in non traditional spaces, engaging the diverse community of Gertrude Street in experiential and transformative art experiences. 

2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of the Festival, celebrating its past and present artistic community. The Festival is currently seeking applications from artists for its artistic program, exhibiting Friday 21 – Sunday 30 July, 6pm - midnight.


Unfurling futures...

The 10th Anniversary of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival is an invitation to artists to create glimpses for and of the future. For ten days over winter, imagine Gertrude Street as a time capsule that explores the social, political and environmental epoch of our times.   Drawing on the past and grounded in the present while projecting into the future the GSPF 2017 invites artists to contribute to an immersive, interactive and enchanting experience that ignites our collective social imaginary to explore the possibilities of multiple futures...there are no limits as we unfurl the future.

- Fiona Hillary, 2017 GSPF Curator


This year's Gertrude Street Projection Festival will welcome back past contributing artists and invite a small selection of new contributors to respond to the curatorial statement through four tiers of artistic programming. Artists are encouraged to pitch projects / concepts aimed at the following proposal platforms:

PROJECTION: The face of the festival, public art projects illuminate building facades, laneways, storefronts, foothpaths and the natural environment, encompassing the length and breadth of Gertrude Street. Spread across the street scape, these works embrace the atmosphere of the festival, they are site responsive, highly visible and connect with diverse audiences.

EXPERIMENTAL: Experimental works will engage with the festival as a test-site of practice. This is an opportunity to challenge or test your practice in a new context. Exploring multiple approaches to practice, simplifying a complex idea, collaborating with new partners or audiences, this allows your work and projection to expand beyond the 2 dimensional realm.

COMMUNITY: At the heart of the projection festival, community works can be participation driven, socially engaged and/or community led. Collaborations, collective presentations or as community partnership initiatives, these projects embrace the rich social, cultural and artistic vibrancy of the Gertrude Street community and beyond. Community works may be presented across various platforms for this year's festival.

DIGITAL REALM: The Digital realm encourages artists to consider the nature of the past, present and future, existing across multiple time frames in the digital realm. Submissions to the digital realm invite artists to explore, to be playful, to be experimental and/or to be critical in approach. These projects consider the expansion of the festival platform and can include elements both external to and within the physical domain of Gertrude Street.


For any enquires please email Fiona Hillary: curator@gspf.com.au

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