GSNETX Council’s Own patches are a way to enrich your Girl Scout experience with ready-made curriculum that aligns with the Girl Scout National Program Portfolio. 
We're so excited that you've completed the requirements for a GSNETX Council's Own Free Patch Program!
1. Only one entry per troop or Juliette is needed per patch. 
2. Complete the form for the patch program that your girl(s) completed.
3. You will not receive an automated email upon completion of the form. 
4. You will receive a patch pick up email that notifies you to pick up your patches from one of our local shops. For month-long programs, emails will be sent at the end of the program. For year-round programs, emails will be sent at the beginning of each month. 

Question Title

* Please select the patch program you've completed

Question Title

* How satisfied are you with your girls' experience with the patch program?

Don't see the program you're looking for?
Patch reporting may not be available for that program right now.
If the program has already passed, please email
If the program has not started, please check back soon for patch reporting.

Not a member of Girl Scouts Northeast Texas? You may order patches through our shop and pay for shipping. If your council is interested in offering this patch program for free to girls in your area, please have a staff member contact us at