Leadership Experience Survey

Dear Girl Scouts, and parents/guardians who may assist your Girl Scout,

Thank you for giving GSNEO 15 minutes of your time to tell us about your Girl Scouting experience. This survey is extremely important. The information from you and other Girl Scouts will help GSNEO make decisions about the programs and events we will offer, it will also help us get donations that will keep program costs low for girls and families. We are grateful for your help!

All responses to your questions will be kept confidential (or secret). We are asking for your name and other information so you can be contacted if you win a drawing for one of the 20 Girl Scout credits, valued at $25! If you do not want to tell us who you are (be anonymous), you can still take the survey. However, you will not be eligible to win the prizes.

Again, thank you for your help by taking the survey.

We recommend that adults help Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts complete this survey.
Will a parent or guardian help you take this survey?

Did an adult give you permission to take this survey?

What is the name of the adult who gave you permission to take this survey?

4% of survey complete.