Life Changing Impact Award

The Life Changing Impact Award is for client stories that demonstrate the power of NILS or StepUP to connect and change lives.

Many of us have chosen to work and volunteer in microfinance programs because we know it changes lives. As microfinance workers we are privileged to become part of our clients’ history, regularly hearing stories of quiet endurance. Some stories stay with us more than others - perhaps because of the connection we made with our client or because of the admiration a client might have inspired in us.

Enter the client story you are most inspired by. You should change names to protect their identity. 

The Judges will consider:
  • the social impact of the NILS or StepUP loan on the client (e.g. demonstrated increased confidence or improved self-esteem)
  • the economic impact  of the loan on the client (e.g. greater financial independence)
  • the client’s experience with the loan process (feedback from clients is welcome).

* 1. Please tell us in 500 words or less about the client story that has most inspired you. (You should changes names to protect their identity ).

* 2. What microfinance program do you work for?

* 3. Please provide your contact details so we can get in touch regarding the awards if we need to.

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