* 1. Do you have Do-it-yourself (DIY) experience?

* 2. Are you interested in learning more about DIY events

* 3. What do you typically do with old clothing?

* 4. Do you have any experience in the following?

* 5. Of the event types below, which do you find most appealing? (check that all apply)

* 6. Please Rate the following campaign:

The average American throws away between 65 and 81 pounds of clothing per year; this surmounts to as much as 26 billion tons of waste per year in the United Stated for clothing, alone. R E U S E: Vintage Reconstruction is a campaign and workshop that brings individuals together who are interested in art, fashion, and/or activism to engage in creative and unique ways to combat waste and promote sustainability. Bring your old clothing and tarnished fabrics to reconstruct into new garments, create original artwork, donate old clothing to the program, and discuss ways to further encourage donation, re-purposing, and recycling of clothing. The workshop is open to all levels of experience and participation. Individuals who own personal sewing kits or handheld sewing machines are encouraged to bring them, but are not required for participation.

* 7. If the REUSE: Vintage Reconstruction Workshops were available in your university/community, how likely
are you to participate?

* 8. Where would you prefer the workshop to be held?

* 9. How many attendees do you expect at the REUSE Workshops

* 10. Would you be interested in volunteering to host our R E U S E RECONSTRUCTION WORKSHOP if trained?