* 1. Basic information: Name (Real or Fictional), Age, and Education level (year/institution)

* 2. Are you from an English-speaking or non-English-speaking home?

* 3. What is your earliest memory of reading and/or writing?

* 4. Who or what inspired/influenced you to read or write? How much access did you have to them? How much do you feel you have gained from these influences? Positive? Negative?

* 5. Have you influenced anyone in their literacy levels? If so, who?

* 6. What are your fondest memories of reading and writing (up until high school)?

* 7. Did you experience anything to spur you from reading or writing? (e.g. teachers, books, institutions, other figures) Please be detailed as possible.

* 8. Do you feel there is a difference between communicating with non-English/English-speaking teachers? If so, how?

* 9. Did your parents read to you as a child? What sort of literacy was at home? Did that help form the habits about reading and writing during your primary and secondary education?

* 10. Why you do think it is important to read or write? If it is not important, how so?

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