* 1. This survey is for the parents of those children who have been or are currently being served by Project Smyles through Ames Public Library. Please complete the survey only once.

How often do you receive the take-home Library information (calendar, storytime plan, etc.) from your child's preschool/daycare?

* 2. How often does your family visit Ames Public Library or Bookmobile?

* 3. Do you attend Library events/programs?

* 4. How familiar are you with Project Smyles?

* 5. Do you use the the early literacy activity ideas or other resources included in the monthly take-home Library information?

* 6. Do you use the songs or books listed on the monthly storytime plan with your child?

* 7. How do you prefer to obtain information about Library events/programs?

* 8. I know when Project Smyles visits my child's preschool/daycare because

* 9. Does your child enjoy when Smyles, the big, blue Library dog visits his/her preschool/daycare or appears at a public event?

* 10. Because Project Smyles is partially funded by donations and grants, we need to hear from those families that we serve. Please share any comments about how Project Smyles has made a difference in the life of your family or suggestions on how we can improve the program.