Each spring, GSCWM recognizes the contributions of leaders, service team members, parents and other volunteers who extend themselves on behalf of our girl members at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. During the event, volunteers who were nominated to receive GSUSA Awards are honored. This year, GSCWM has adopted the new GSUSA Volunteer of Excellence award (which replaced Outstanding Leader and Outstanding Volunteer). Next year additional council-specific awards will become available to recognize additional volunteers at the troop, service unit and council levels. Some will be awarded during the Annual Appreciation Dinner and some will be awarded at troop and service unit level events.

With these changes, staff and the volunteer-led GSCWM Recognitions Committee would like to know how you think the recipients of the GSUSA awards should be announced. Staff and Volunteer Recognitions committee members will review your responses and determine whether to adopt recommendations for this year's event or future events. Thank you for taking a few moments to help us build the best recognitions program possible!

* 1. Previously, Outstanding Leader and Outstanding Volunteer awards were NOT presented at the annual Volunteer Appreciation dinner. These were announced and presented at the service unit level AFTER the GSCWM Volunteer Appreciation dinner.

How do you think the Volunteer of Excellence recipients (replacement for Outstanding Leader and Outstanding Volunteer) should be honored:

* 2. Previously, recipients of the GSUSA awards that were given out at the appreciation dinner were NOT informed that they would be receiving an award-the awards were kept "secret". Nominators were in charge of getting recipients to the appreciation dinner without letting the recipients know that they would be receiving an award.

Should GSUSA awards be kept "secret" from the recipients until time of presentation?

* 3. What is/are your roles with GSCWM? Check all that apply.

* 4. With what town is your troop/service unit/council office associated?

* 5. Please provide your name and email address. (Optional)

Thank you so much for your feedback. Learn more about council happenings and volunteer opportunities at www.yourtimewellspent.org!