Quick Quiz: Are You on the Right Track?

This is a quick survey to give you an indication as to whether:
1. You've found your Thing,
2. You're on the right track, OR
3. There may be something else out there for you..!

Your "Thing" could either be:
1) Your current job/profession, or
2) Your side-hustle (i.e. something you do on the side that you'd love to potentially turn into work someday).
3) An area you're studying or learning about.
4) Other: Something else - maybe a general area of interest which you've always thought about exploring further!

Please note: You do NOT have to complete the Quiz on your current job if you already know its not your 'thing'. Choose the option that you are most interested in.

When you've decided what you'll complete the survey on, answer each of the 9 questions below with that idea in mind.

Thank you.